LOVE: Seeds Restaurant & Lounge, Yangon

Seeds is so good I’m anxious to share in-case too many people find out about it! Seeds is ‘the’ place in Yangon you tuck away in your back-pocket just for your clients and your clients alone. It was the end of my first day of touring on little sleep for 2 days so I seriously thought about sloping off and hitting my bed at Governor’s Residence. I am SO glad I didn’t. My visit to Seeds was one of those times I get anxiety about having NEARLY missed it. Total case of near-miss FOMO!

We arrived at Seeds around 9pm for dessert. Lilli Saxer our Yangon MD drove us. Skirting the streets along the shore of Inya Lake (a lovely lake in central Yangon), we turned down a dark access road. No signs and no lights. It all added to the mystique of the arrival experience. Had I not been with Lilli I’d be wondering where the hell we were going.

Out of nowhere you turn a corner and Seeds Restaurant’s understated valet drive-up and host desk appear. Immediately you realize this is a case of having to be ‘in the know’ or to know someone who can hook you up. The welcome. Overwhelmingly warm. The super creative contemporary interior design screams of the owner’s personal vision, Lucia, who stepped out immediately to greet us.

The restaurant (used to be a private residence) reminds me of a super-high end home (for my kiwi friends like a million-dollar ‘bach’!) with expansive floor to ceiling glass doors opening up right onto a deck and a killer lakefront location filled with gorgeous lotus flowers seen only at this part of Inya Lake.

Seeds has amazing positive energy which in part comes from the fab indoor-out-door flow of the house, but primarily from the infectiously warm welcome of Lucia Eppisser who as hostess runs Seeds in partnership with her husband Felix, a Swiss Michelin Star Chef. Lucia welcomed Lilli like an old friend and greeted me like a new friend *insert smiling emoji here!*

Given the format of the building there are various places to relax and dine. There are tables on the the lawn, the deck and an awesome chef’s table right by the open kitchen where Felix shares with you the products they source from local organic suppliers.

Having been open for only 3 weeks (and with a max of 60 covers) the word about Seeds will get out fast. I’m proud to know through Lilli’s relationship with Lucia and Felix, Diethelm is ahead of the curve and supporting Seeds from day 1. DMC’s talk at trade shows about their ‘access’ (cue pretentious voice!) and it’s often hard to define what that ‘access’ actually means – advisor friends you know what I mean!

THIS is one of those times when I knew what it meant. This was a spontaneous visit and still Lucia led us to the best spot in the house overlooking the lake’s lotus flowers, immediately telling us they were already whipping up a surprise trio of desserts for us.

I’m sure availability will become an issue (especially at weekends) so my advice is we include Seeds as a fixture for the last night on a client’s itinerary with private transport. Booking ahead of time we secure the best table and ‘extra’ VIP welcome from Lucia and Felix.

Hand on heart I can say Seeds is the poster child for the kind of hidden ‘rock star’ moment that exemplifies why I set up this blog. Thank you Felix and Lucia – I LOVE Seeds Restaurant & Lounge, I will be back!

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