Welcome to Indochina Unscripted! This blog seeks to uncover and showcase the ‘extra’. It’s about zoning in on the extra detail and the extraordinary people who create experiences that totally astound clients on their travels through South East Asia, or as I like to call them, the ‘mic drop’ moments.

In pictures, daily stories and candid moments with local partners (and our very own Diethelm Travel team), we serve up our insights to you on how we produce this ‘extra’ level of detail for clients.

Whilst you’ll see the ‘tried and trusted’ sights profiled along the way (because there are always the ‘must do’ sights!), Indochina Unscripted isn’t about clichés. Whether its showcasing the hottest new restaurant in Yangon or catching a hotelier off guard to reveal the most ‘extra’ experience they’ve ever created for a client, we focus on serving up insights that you probably won’t hear in the scripted sales pitch!

Geared toward Luxury Travel Advisors and inquisitive travelers looking for inspiration, this blog seeks to demystify travel through this, one of the world’s most fast moving and dynamic regions of the world.

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